We work with you as fiduciary, to provide transparent financial advice, custom plans, and a bespoke portfolio just for you.  To build on your success, to confidently navigate the volatility of markets and life, we put your money to work as we seek to achieve your goals.

If we command our wealth,
we shall be rich and free.
If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.

— Edmund Burke


We act as Independent Fiduciary Advisors with our strategic partners in investment, tax, estate, trust, and insurance to develop bespoke plans for select clients with shared ideals. Our compensation is aligned completely with your best interest in mind, and we commit to a proactive process to ensure your complete confidence and satisfaction.


Joseph Cardello created August Wealth after a life altering event. His mission became clear:  to use life experiences, strategic relationships, financial knowledge, and wisdom gained to help guide others.  Our motivation is the gratification we feel when we help you achieve greater success in life. August Wealth cultivates a culture based on expertise in investment management, problem solving, and love of relationships, with a desire to serve others. We seek to provide a better way of building and managing wealth with efficiency, honesty and transparency.


In selecting a partner, we took great care to ensure that from day one we would have all the necessary operational support to allow us to efficiently focus on serving you.

August Wealth Advisors offers investment advisory services through Stratos Wealth Advisors LLC.  Stratos Wealth Advisors is a SEC registered investment advisor.  More information about Stratos Wealth Advisors LLC can be found at

August Wealth and Stratos Wealth Advisors maintain your assets safely and securely at third party, independent custodians.